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Highway's  und Campground's

 1.Tag Zürich  Vancouver                         Hotel: Pacific Gateway  Airport
 2.Tag Vancouver  Whitehorse   28 km  Alaska Hwy.  Caribou RV Park
 3.Tag Whitehorse  Whitehorse   52 km  Alaska Hwy.  Caribou RV Park
 4.Tag Whitehorse  Moose Creek  400 km  Klondike Hwy.  Moose Creek Prov.CG
 5.Tag Moose Creek  Dawson City  155 km  Klondike Hwy.  Gold Rush CG
 6.Tag Dawson City  Engineer Creek  234 km  Dempster Hwy.  Engineer CG
 7.Tag Engineer Creek  Artic Circle  248 km  Dempster Hwy.  Eagle Plains CG
 8.Tag Eagle Plains  Dawson City  407 km  Dempster Hwy.  Gold Rush CG
 9.Tag Dawson City  Tok  296 km   Top of the World / Taylor Hwy.  Tok RV Village CG
10.Tag  Tok  Snag Junction  199 km  Alaska Hwy.  Snag Jct. CG
11.Tag  Snag Junction  Haines Junction  300 km  Alaska Hwy.  Fas Gas RV Parc.
12.Tag  Haines Junction  Haines  275 km  Haines Hwy.  Haines Hitch Up RV Parc
13.Tag  Haines  Skagway    34 km  (1 Std. mit Ferry)  Garden City RV Park
14 Tag  Skagway  Whitehorse  202 km  South Klondike Hwy.  Caribou RV Park
15.Tag Whitehorse  Watson Lake  416 km  Alaska Hwy.  Downtown RV Park
16.Tag  Watson Lake  Dease Lake  298 km  Cassiar Hwy. (BC 37)  Lions Tanzilla River Prov. CG
17.Tag  Dease Lake  Bell 2  230 km  Cassiar Hwy. (BC 37)  Bell 2 Lodge RV Park
18.Tag  Bell 2  Telkwa  379 km  Hwy. 37 / Yellowhead Hwy.  Fort Telkwa Riverfront
19.Tag Telkwa  Purden Lake  425 km  Yellowhead Hwy.  Purden Lake CG
20.Tag  Purden Lake  Jasper  337 km  Yellowhead Hwy.  Wapiti CG
21.Tag  Jasper  Jasper    34 km  Yellowhead Hwy.  Wapiti CG
22.Tag  Jasper  Lake Louise  267 km  Icefields Parkway  Lake Louise CG
23.Tag  Lake Louise  Revelstoke  244 km  Trans Canada Hwy. 1  Revelstoke CG
24.Tag  Revelstoke  Juniper Beach  280 km  Trans Canada Hwy. 1  Juniper Beach CG
25.Tag  Juniper Beach  Hope  249 km  Trans Canada Hwy. 1  Telte Yet CG
26.Tag  Hope  Parksville  206 km  Hwy. 1 / Hyw. 19A  (Ferry)  Rathtrevor Beach CG
27.Tag  Parksville (Tofino)  Port Alberni  315 km  Hwy. 4  Sptoat Lake CG
28.Tag  Port Alberni (Comox)  Parksville  287 km  Hwy. 4 / Hwy. 19  Rathtrevor Beach CG
29.Tag  Parksville  Sooke  235 km  Hwy. 1 / Hwy. 14  French Beach CG
30.Tag  Sooke  Parksville  186 km  Hwy. 14 / Hwy. 1  Rathtrevor Beach CG
31.Tag  Parksville  Whistler  124 km  Hwy. 99  Whistler RV Park
32.Tag  Whistler  Whistler   55 km  Hwy. 99  Whistler RV Park
33.Tag  Whistler  Vancouver  111 km  Hwy. 99  Capilano RV Park
34.Tag  Vancouver  Vancouver   32 km    
35.Tag    Zürich      
































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